Crimea Federal University: Eligibility, Admission process and Courses offered


Crimea Federal University: Eligibility, Admission process and Courses offered

Crimea Federal University: Eligibility, Admission process and Courses offered


25 August, 2022

One of the best universities in Russia is Crimea Federal University. One among the major goals for Indian MBBS students studying in Russia is general medicine. Simferopol is home to the present higher education facility (Crimea, Russia). The Medical Academy of Crimea Federal University features a long history dating back to 1918. It’s considered to be one of Russia’s top medical schools by certain unbiased assessments. There are 54 departments and 6 faculties at the university.

Intake for MBBS September
Minimum Percentage for MBBS 50% in PCB
NEET Requirement Yes With Qualifying Marks
IELTS / TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time for MBBS Admission 45-60 Days
Duration of MBBS 5+1 Years
Medium of Teaching English
Recognition NMC and WHO Approved

Eligibility for the MBBS program:

The following are the requirements that applicants must meet in order to enroll in the MBBS program at Crimean Federal University:

• Students must have passed their 10+2 exam from any board of examinations in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with minimum of 70% of the possible points.
• Before December 31 applicants must be at least 17 years old.
• Must have passed the NEET exam.
• Candidates must be Indian citizens and meet the wants.

Admission to Crimea Federal University:

Steps to admission to Crimea Federal University:

Step 1: Fill out the application form found on the Crimean Federal University website.

Step 2: Complete the required fields on the application form. Make the MBBS course registrations.

Step 3: Await for the review procedure after registering. Nearly 3-5 working days are required.

Step 4: Get the invitation letter.
The institution will provide an official offer letter to a qualified applicant.

Step 5: Request a visa
Apply for a visa as soon as you receive the university’s letter of invitation. Simply said, the procedure is convenient.

Step 6: Let the university know once you plan to arrive so that a representative can pick you up at the airport.

Crimea Federal University’s courses:

The following programs are available for students at Crimea Federal University to pursue their education:

• Dentistry
• Pediatrics
• General Medicine
• Pharmacy



Why should you enroll in CFMU’s MBBS program?

Why should you enroll in CFMU’s MBBS program?


19 August, 2022

The premier institution of higher learning in Crimea is the Crimean Federal University in Simferopol. In Russia, the Crimean Federal University was founded in 2014. Since its inception, the institution has contributed a number of organizational, scientific, and methodological components that have facilitated the educational process for Russian students pursuing MBBS or medical studies.

The institution has a long tradition of excellence, employing more than 7000 people, serving more than 32,000 students, including more than 3,000 international students from different countries. In addition, the Crimean Federal University has 23 academies and institutes, 10+ research and science institutions and centers, 7 colleges, and 23 colleges. It also has 11 branches.

The Crimean Federal Medical University’s MBBS program has several highlights

• There are several reasons why students should consider the Crimea Federal Medical University, including the fact that it offers top-notch student exchange programs and collaborations with reputable medical institutions in Europe and other parts of the world.

• The institution also has a reasonable percentage of Indian students, which enables it to give students from all over the country a thorough grasp of Indian culture.

• The government hospitals in Simferopol offer students at the university the opportunity to get real-world clinical experience.

• The best Indian cuisine is served in the city’s Indian eateries and cafes, which cater to international students.

• The university offers MBBS students the opportunity to take part in a range of research projects while being supervised by eminent professors and researchers.

• University tuition is reasonably priced, and the admissions process is simple.

No further language study is necessary because the university offers English as a teaching language.

Advantages of studying medicine at Crimean Federal University

• Students who earn their MBBS degree can find employment in a number of European countries.

• The institution offers all the tools required for students to reach their objectives and grow holistically.

• The university is also equipped with cutting-edge techniques and technology that help students compete on a worldwide level.

• Students may have the opportunity to meet with the scientists developing the COVID-19 vaccine, whetting their appetite for the subject.



If You Are an Indian Student Looking For MBBS in Russia, then Crimea Federal Medical University is For You

If You Are an Indian Student Looking For MBBS in Russia, then Crimea Federal Medical University is For You


13 May, 2022

In the last few years, Russia has become the 8th most preferred destination among aspiring MBBS students, mostly Indian in their nationality. But, this preference has been the work of consistent growth and progress, which reflects on the kind of resources that are available for students to not just lead a comfortable life, but get a globally accepted medical degree in MBBS from Russia.

In operation for more than a century, Crimea Federal Medical University has been one of the foremost universities to offer a unique balance of top-class facilities and a globally-acclaimed academic curriculum that is tuned to the latest industrial practice of medicine.

CFMU has the 4th highest accreditation level among all universities, which is a big deal in itself. The university boasts of 23 academic as well as non-academic units, with a total of 12 branches scattered around the Crimea region alone.

If we talk specifically about Indian students, we will give you a few reasons why Crimea Federal Medical University is among the best options for aspiring MBBS students:

A Genuine Reputation

The CFMU has a reputation for providing the best resources for students for a century, which is a big time for something like a medical university in operation for so long. This reputation is further consolidated by what every student has achieved after getting their MBBS degree.

Affordable Fees

The biggest concern for Indian students while looking for an MBBS college in Russia is the fee structure, as there are a lot of other aspects to look in as well. Crimea Federal Medical University offers one of the most economical fee structures with a good balance between affordability and academic quality.

If you are an MBBS aspirant or looking to enroll your child into the best MBBS course, then you certainly won’t go wrong with Crimea Federal Medical University.



Get Your MBBS from the Top Medical University in Russia with CFMU

Get Your MBBS from the Top Medical University in Russia with CFMU


13 May, 2022

Over the last few years, there has been a steady rise in the number of Indian students looking to get a quality education in Russia. Other than education, medicine has been a specific field where this number is much more significant, with MBBS aspirants are attracted to a country with a varied cultural heritage.

Among the names of the top medical colleges in Russia, the name Crimea Federal Medical University is taken with a lot of value and weightage. For more than a century, the CFMU has provided medical professionals with immaculate skills and experience in the world, and thanks to its widely recognized and accepted degree, its name have only grown in stature to that of a brand.

But First, Why is MBBS in Russia in the First Place?

The popularity of Russia as a destination for MBBS education has grown and stems from multiple reasons. While the mode of teaching is mostly English in the reputed colleges, the fee structure is also very affordable. Add to it the fact that the country ranks 8th in medical education in the world, and Russia becomes a very favorable location for medical studies aspirants.

Crimea Federal Medical University takes complete advantage of Russia’s goodwill in the medical field and offers the following to aspirants every year-

A Truly Global Infrastructure

Crimea Federal Medical University has been offering stupendous infrastructure to students and their parents for over a century, which includes a class-leading hostel and accommodation facilities for both males and females.

In-House Practical Exposure

With great technical resources and labs, students can get a first-hand experience with the latest practices and tools to enhance and consolidate their theoretical knowledge in a much better manner.

Focus on Extracurricular Activities

Other than academics, Crimea Federal Medical University also gives a lot of emphasis to extracurricular activities that foster the holistic development of the students and make them an asset to society and its welfare at large.

CFMU in short can be the best option that you are looking for.

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